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About Lovell Landscape

At the age of twelve, Pete Lovell began Peter's Lawn Service (PLS) with the help of his grandfather, Jack Vitali. Jack helped Pete buy his first riding lawn mower and other necessary equipment. Pete drove his riding lawn mower and utility trailer around the neighbourhood, starting with small jobs to pay for his equipment. Once he was established, Pete tapped into his grandfather's business knowledge, allowing for expansion to take place. Year after year, Pete slowly added to his client base, which mainly consisted of neighbors and friends in the Masonville area. When Pete turned sixteen he bought his first truck and trailer, allowing him to accept clients outside of the Masonville area.

In 2006, at the age of eighteen, Pete finished high school and began his post- secondary education at Kings University College where he earned a BMOS degree with a specialization in finance. Pete used the income from his business to pay for tuition, allowing him to further his knowledge in the area of business. Peter's Lawn Service continued to expand at a steady rate, until 2007 when the business really took off, allowing for an exponential addition of clients.

In 2008, a second vehicle and additional equipment was required along with the addition of employees to keep up with demand. Peter's Lawn Service now consisted of a crew of six employees. With the business rapidly expanding, business needs were re-assessed and the bookkeeping, financial analysis and government regulations were re-organized to accommodate the growing business. The implementation of such a business model was possible due to the continued business support of Pete's grandfather, combined with Pete's business education.

In 2011 Pete graduated from Kings University College and decided to enroll in a CGA program to further his education. He chose an online program, giving him the freedom to still run Peter's Lawn Service and additional time to cater to his valuable clients. To fulfill the practical aspect of the CGA designation, Pete took a job in an accounting firm. Pete is currently working on CGA credits and at the accounting firm in the off-season, while running Peter's Lawn Service in the spring, summer and fall.

In 2015 PLS was incorporated under the name Lovell Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Limited. With its team of ten employees and four vehicles it continues to service the London and surrounding area today.